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The Minis are Making Their Move…

Fans of puzzle games or the Mario vs. Donkey Kong™ series are about to discover an all-new 3D action-puzzle experience that puts an emphasis on quick thinking. Mario and Donkey Kong™: Minis on the Move is jam-packed with more than 180 puzzles! You’ll race against the clock across four game modes with different puzzle styles to create safe paths for your Minis. Experience the endless possibilities of this Nintendo eShop exclusive by creating your own puzzles with the game’s robust but easy-to-use level editor, then share them with players from around the world. Unlock four exciting minigames to test your gaming skills, and collect new Mini Toys as you play. Get all this for the surprisingly “mini” price of just $9.99!

Master Challenging Puzzles Across Four Game Modes

Test your puzzle-solving powers—each mode has a different way to play, but the goal is the same—using the Nintendo 3DS stylus and touch screen, get your Minis safely to the star!

  • Mario's Main Event: Race against time to quickly place tiles and create a perfect path for Mini Mario™.
  • Puzzle Palace: Think ahead and carefully place all of the given tiles to get Mini Peach to the end of the level.
  • Many Mini Mayhem: Rotate tiles to guide multiple Mini Toads safely to the star, and get bonus points for Mini chains.
  • Giant Jungle: Navigate huge puzzles and collect all the stars to get Mini Donkey Kong™ to his goal.

Create and Share Your Own Puzzles

Become an expert puzzle creator! Mario and Donkey Kong™: Minis on the Move includes an easy-to-use system for creating and sharing your puzzles. Browse through top-rated puzzles or look for the newest player-made levels. Download, play, and then rate your favorites from the puzzle-loving community.

Unlock Exciting Minigames and Mini Toys

Load up your slingshot and break the cubes with Mini Mario in Cube Crash. Or, reel 'em in with the hilarious “fly fishing” minigame, Fly Guy Grab. Send Mario soaring through the clouds in Mini Target Smash, aiming for long-distance targets to earn more points. Wind your Mini Mario up and down to collect coins and avoid enemies in Elevation Station.

Earn collectible Mini Toys, and solve the puzzles with your favorite Mini characters in a 3D action-puzzle experience that you just can't put down.

Mario and Donkey Kong™: Minis on the Move is a great big game with a mini price, only available from the Nintendo eShop!